Fuel price chart year since 1965-2008 in Indonesian


1. Indonesian premium rose from Rp 0.5 (1966) to Rp 5500 (December 2008). The increase of 11,000 times, well below Indonesia’s growth rate for 32 years
2. Price of diesel rose from Rp 0.4 (1966) to Rp 5500 (December 2008). The increase is more than 13,750 times from the original
3. Kerosene prices rose from Rp 0.3 (1966) to Rp 2500 (December 2009)
Dramastis total increase is a far cry compared to the rise in world crude oil. In 1966, the world crude oil price U.S. $ 3.10 and rose to an average of U.S. $ 70 per barrel. Over the span of 42 years, crude oil only rose no more than 30 times.
Using the exchange rate in 1970 (devaluation of the rupiah, U.S. $ 1 is equal to USD 400), then the price of fuel in the ’60s era approaching 1 cents per liter or 1.6 dollars per barrel (crude oil price ~ $ 4). Current fuel prices reached 50 cents (price of crude oil ~ 70 dollars). Thus, the increase in fuel ril Indonesia (rupiah conversion 2008 to 1968) compared to 50-fold increase in world crude oil which is just less than 30-fold

Source : http://nusantaranews.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/28-kali-kenaikan-bbm-sejak-1966/


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